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Two Minute Training Tips - Better Riding with P.O.T and Running

Now let’s combine R&R – Rhythm and Regularity (R&R) is an interesting tool to think about when you are doing some running yourself. The last post on R&R was about riding the sections of the circle like a pie (yum pie!) are foundational for both horse and rider. Here’s a rider example of how to work on R&R off the horse. Let’s say you go run (or walk) around your neighborhood every day this week following the same route. The distance is always the same. The neighbor doesn’t grow longer or get shorter. But sometimes you can run the entire distance in 30 min and sometimes in 28 or 29 minutes. Other times you need 35 minutes. What gives? It’s your stride length (regularity) and how quickly your strides are happening (rhythm). So, let’s say you now go run on a treadmill for 30 min and hold the exact speed each day. You should travel about the same distance every time. The way to change the distance covered on the treadmill is through increasing the speed and running faster. You cover more ground or distance and your strides can get longer and/or faster to keep up with the machine. Or you can decrease the speed and run slower and will cover less distance in 30 min with either slow long but stronger strides because you have more time to engage the muscle (think about engagement in your horse here ) or shorter quicker strides (think about collected strides here). When your running stride gets steady it can seem effortless, at a slow steady pace you can work on your conditioning as you build out the small capillaries in your body. And, it has a relaxing effect in the steadiness of the rhythm. Its why your horse appreciates it when you give aids in a steady rhythm, let them find or help them keep steady (regularity) in the gait, and relax when all they are doing is being steady in stride and pace. As your running also try to steady your breath so you can learn to control it when riding to add another element of ‘steadiness while in motion' while riding. Have some fun with your exercise for you and your horse! Guess what kind of pie your horse likes? Apple of course!

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