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GH vs EH - Day 2 of the Dressage Show

Day 2 Show - Third in the dressage show saga.....

Green Horse (GH) – Why am I being lunged? I’m the only horse here and all the fun and things to spook at are WAY OVER THERE! GET ME OUT OF HERE THIS INSTANT! See how HIGH I can BUCK!? See THAT? And, THAT? And THIS? Experience Horse (EH) - I’m meditating. Ssshhhhh GH.

GH - Did you see that thing? Rider said it’s a slip and slide. I WILL NOT go near that or around it OR WHATEVER…TAIL UP! Hopping up and down!! Rider said horses are not allowed on it. No matter I WILL NOT walk calmly by it. She even said they don’t let the adults on it either.

EH – starts humming Just you and I by Eddie Rabbit /Crystal Gale – smiles at the peppermints – the white peppermints. And proceeds to go around willing in the entire test with all the required feet on the ground at the required time.

GH – Oh you think I don’t know what’s happening in that warm up arena? I am not going in there. DO NOT touch that rein. Nor that one! And I am not going in THAT DIRECTION. Full reverse for me!

GH – I am a WHIRLING DIRVISH – nothing can stop me! These are my new break dance moves! I’m trying out for a back up dancer for the next hip hop sensation!

Rider – asks friend to ride GH. Rider checks under tail – maybe Rider loaded her dark bay OTTB mare instead of the gelding…. Rider's Friend get's GH's break dance moves and then an actual walk, trot and canter. Who knew? Her thumbs work perfectly, however.

EH – Shall we dance? I believe the judge just blew the whistle. What scary letters? They all look like apples of gold to me. I shall trot extend. Passage? Of course. Piaffe? Naturally! Twos, uphill? Can do! Pirouettes - yes darling! Pesky zig zags - stayed in arena didn't I? One Tempis? Nah... But Final Salute – EH to Rider – That’ll do Rider. That’ll do.

R - Tears of joy!

GH - napping again in stall – I AM NOT talking to you. Ever. WALK MORE QUIETLY! BRING MORE HAY!

EH - I love post ride hay!

SP – Wow what a ride, eh? That Bay can dance! Too bad that’s not the Rider for the black horse. That horse sure needs a better rider.

And the morning and the evening of the Second Day of the show ended. It was magical and mystifying. And utterly wonderful!

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