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Equestrian life – Your Horse Needs You to Get Mental!

Horses make life better and make us better at life! So, get a life! Last post I talked about 3 areas where changes you make can improve your horse’s life by working on your own get a life strategy. After all who wants a boring less than life? Your horse needs your physical, mental, and spiritual world to be at it’s best. And the best part is your horse can inspire to become your very best because let’s face it – we will do anything for our horses! So, let’s get mental – mentally FIT that is! Your brain is a muscle that needs exercise, and your thoughts are a big part of that muscle’s use. If your brain churns from negative thoughts into lacking in confidence, questioning your ability or other ways to self-sabotage your mental game – you can have a very bad ride. Or, if you practice your mental game with positive planning, cue words to stop the negative churn and focus on hitting small mental goals in your day you will find your mental ride will become a source of creating good rides you can depend on. Here are some tips to get there.

  1. Check out some sports psychology books – there’s several for horse riders and they have lots of good insight into how to get things done better between your ears to benefit your horse. One I have used is by Tonya Johnston – Inside Your Ride.

  2. Take a 1 step approach –I’m going to be 1 (one) step better! Every time I get anxious or worried about my horse or my ride, I’m going to repeat to myself and/or out loud – I got this!

  3. Take 5 min out of your day to plan your next ride – Set your timer and plan your next ride. Then pause 5 min (set that timer!) after riding and reflect on what went well during your horse time and then note what can you improve. If you need a handy tracker to plan your rides - see offer below!

Want more saddle success for your horse? Some Dolce Vida? Email me for a great handy 3 step get a life tracker or a weekly riding planner! You will be glad you did! And you can always email me questions at with the title of this post in the subject or check out our website Subscribe because there is so much goodness coming! For upcoming events like us on Facebook at!

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