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Equestrian life – Your Horse Needs You to Get a Life!

Horses make life better and make us better at life! So, get a life! Your horse needs you to work out what your life should look like. Your horse depends on you as part of her herd to get yourself together. There’s a million reasons why you want to get a life but if you are part of the tribe that has the E (Equestrian) Gene - do it for your horse! Your horse needs you to ‘Just Do It ‘- yes – that’s from Nike. If life is better outside the barn, then life gets better at the barn. But getting a life is well, hard! First, you find out after all those years of schooling and striving to get to the next thing – you end up having a job and 24 hours of the day to fill with stuff. So, getting a life you actually like turns out to be way more than you bargained for – right? Not really. Let’s break it down to 3 simple things you need to make better for your horse’s sake – your physical, mental, and spiritual being. Yep, I went there right away - physical. But this isn't about losing weight. Your horse needs you to be as healthy and well supplemented as they are. You study your horses grain bag tag to make sure they are getting their nutrients. You study the hay they eat and eye the fields they graze for pasture quality. And water? How much water did you horse drink – you know these things. Why not look at what you eat with the same focus? How many good nutrients do you get? Problem is it's not all listed on the label of one bag of grain. What about you’re water intake. When’s the last time you tracked your protein intake? A bag of chips isn’t going to cut it for long to keep your body well fueled. You need to fuel your body as well as you fuel your horse. You think about your doing the best, so you have this horse as long as possible. Well, your horse wants the same for you! Here’s some tips from your horse to get a better set of grain in your life so you can fuel yourself properly just like you do for them:

  1. Try out a food tracker app. It’s not just about losing weight it’s also about looking at the amount of nutrients your getting – what’s your protein, fat, and carbohydrates ratio on average after a month of tracking: Figure out what you’re eating every day and what areas on your ‘grain bag’ are missing. Some good ones? My Fitness Pal or Chronometer apps are ones I’ve used in the past.

  2. What snacks do you eat on the way to barn? Can you swap out chips for cut up vegetables and cheese? Apples and Cheese? Almonds and your fruit of choice. I know your horse would be happy to share your apple! A bite for me, a bite for my horse….!

  3. Drink some water! Take a bottle with you throughout the day and at the barn and drink to keep yourself hydrated. When you’re dehydrated you feel tired and cranky. The body needs water to process just about everything! Don’t forget to clean that water bottle regularly just like your horses’ water buckets.

Want more saddle success for your horse? Some Dolce Vida? Email me for a great handy 3 step get a life tracker! You will be glad you did! And, you can always email me questions at with the title of this post in the subject or check out our website Subscribe because there is so much goodness coming! For upcoming events like us on Facebook at!

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