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Equestrian Life – Your Horse Makes You Glow!

Our horses bring out our hearts. Our spiritual self-glows brighter when we are with our horse and that glow goes with us. Our horses are unique. They are all horses as a species but their personalities, interests, responses – it’s not like anyone else’s horse. Our horse makes us better or worse humans. We make them better or worse horses. We realize things are going the wrong way and fix it because we want our horses happy. It’s an amazing decision we all make to be with our horse – by choice or by chance. Where we go with our horse and how we go about it are entirely up to us. It’s safe to say that our spiritual world can expand because of our horse. Every horse who has a human knows their human is unique. They know us by our voice, our scent and even the way we look. They sense our feelings. We should feel awed when we have time with our horse since they lend us their grace and nobility. They want basic care and love. We want to borrow their strength and beauty. But it’s their spirit that entrances us. Otherwise, the cold mornings mucking stalls or late nights cold hosing wounds would be abandoned. It’s their spirit that calls us to better ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually so we can be more in line with their spirit. Here are some tips to really get 'glowing' with your horse the next time you are at the barn:

  1. Take some time to mediate with your horse. Either walking with your horse or grooming just release tension form your body and tune yourself to your horse. Run your hands over their body and feel their soft coat and strong muscles. Inhale their scent deeply and breathe out your stress and tension. Practice this before you ride.

  2. Find a spiritual practice. Read the Bible or other sacred texts that talk about the beauty of the planet and animals. Really lean into and learn to love your horse as an amazing work of art that you get the privilege to shape and share.

  3. Slow down and find meaning in the mundane. Be thankful for each piece of tack as you put it on your horse or clean it afterwards. There’s someone out there who would love to have that and doesn’t for some reason so being thankful helps your soul be joyful and glow.

Want more saddle success for your horse? Horses make life better and make us better at life so grab a free 3 step get a life tracker or a weekly riding planner! You will be glad you did! And you can always email me questions at with the title of this post in the subject or check out our website Subscribe because there is so much goodness coming! For upcoming events like us on Facebook at!

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