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Equestrian Life – Work from Home (WFH) Tips from a Tomato

Equestrians have a lot going on in their lives. There’s work, family, friends and horses. Our equines

are a huge time and money commitment and they can bring us so much joy but also stress. How do we fit it all in? How do we WFH and just plain get it all done? Me, I like to use the Pomodoro Technique. It’s named after a tomato themed kitchen timer. What do I do with it? Here’s a list of how I’ve made this tomato work for me!

1. Stand for at least 10 min per meeting. I tend to like the last 10 min of a meeting unless I feel sleepy and then I stand up. My back loves the short standing sessions too and your horse will too as it will be more supple. Sometimes standing gives me an inspiration for the meeting or reminds me of a question I need to ask that I didn’t have on the agenda. I’ll talk about meeting agendas in a later post – they are so WFH essential!

2. Work out for 10 min each hour. Create an exercise pomodoro list! You can also use this time to play with your kids or dog – quick game of Living Room tag, ten min of chess or checkers, walk the dog, do some stretching – hamstrings and back are always in need of a strectch. You can do some push ups, sit-ups, walk around the house, get the mail, drink a bottle of water! Whatever! Spend 10 min telling someone in the household how wonderful they are and watch their face light up! Just get moving and have some fun with it. If you love moving, you’ll be sad when the timer goes off and if you don’t like it so much you will hear the sweetest sound when the bell rings.

3. I create a Pomodoro cleaning list! No kidding! Me having a list! It’s a list I keep on a Post it that’s in my kitchen that I clean from for 10 min just to keep the general chaos at bay in the house. Fold clothes for 10 min or load or unload the dishwasher. Only doing chores for 10 min makes it so much more bearable. It’s a relief when the timer goes off and you can go back to work! 😊

4. When I walk from room to room take things with you and clean up the things you all left behind or ask for someone to come spend 10 min cleaning it up. Move those dirty socks to the laundry bins and shoes to their shelf. Do a quick sweep. While your sweeping engage those abs to build your core for riding!

5. When you get ready to go ride you can look around see progress from the little cleaning sessions, not feel so guilty that you’re not paying attention to the family since you’ve spent some little sessions with them already and can now go focus on your horse and me time.

Horses make life better and make us better at life! Want more saddle success for your horse? Some Dolce Vida? Please email me questions at or check out our website Subscribe because there is so much goodness coming! Like us on Facebook at

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