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Equestrian Life – Work from Home (WFH) – Talk - Tips & Tricks

Is the isolation starting to feel, well, isolating? Well then talk! Grab a post it, back of an envelope, whatever and write down a list of people you could talk to right now that you haven’t in a while whether that’s for a few days or longer. Make a list of family, friends, distant family, distant friends. Colleagues or people you know from your life outside of work. And then decide to call or contact one person per day. Set aside 30 or 60 min to just call up and chat. Use the technology – face time or snapchat to get face to face virtually.

Not a fan of technology? The rumor is true - your phone also makes phone calls. You can even write a letter and the USPS will deliver it as long as it’s stamped. Not reaching out makes you feel alone and lonely. And, when you reach out those who are alone and lonely find that its not so hard to reach out. Start a chain of communication. Ask them how many people they have or will talk to next. We are all in some kind of ‘pandemic for now’ living situation. Your call could just make that person’s day or even save a life if they are really lonely and need to know that there’s someone out there who wants to talk to them.

Cat got your tongue and you don’t know what to talk about? Here’s some conversation starters- you don’t have to use any of them or maybe one will get you going and the rest will flow:

1. How’s the weather? (Always an easy conversation starter)

2. How’s your TP supply?

3. What are you doing for fun during the pandemic?

4. What’s the things you miss the most right now?

5. What’s the best thing that’s happening right now in this situation?

6. Any books you’ve been reading? Shows? Movies?

7. How are you doing really? How is this whole situation making your feel?

8. How’s your horse? Your animals? This is a topic you can go for hours! 😊

Don’t miss out on reaching out!

Horses make life better and make us better at life! Want more saddle success for your horse? Some Dolce Vida? Please email me questions at or check out our website Sign up because there is so much goodness coming! For upcoming events like us on Facebook at or like our YouTube channel - Revelation Farm.

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