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Equestrian Life - WFH Tips

Believe it or not most equestrians work for a living in a job to make money to support their family and horse lifestyle. There are a few who are full time equestrians and you might find some extra time on your hands also. I’ve been in IT for a long time and I can pretty much work from anywhere as long as I can connect to the internet. I’ve even found I can be more productive during WFH since I get a lot of extra time back from commuting and prepping to be in the office. I'll share my system with you so you to save some trial and error. WFH sounds sexy to some but you might find your first forays into it are scary. Let’s say you find your having trouble keeping your mind on the task – after all - you could be snacking, folding clothes or the like. Or, you have 20 people from your family call you and ask for a favor for an errand since you’re ‘working from home’ wink-wink and it’s hard to say no. I have a bunch of tips to share but here’s a few to get you started!

1. Create a space or spaces for you to work. I have 3! I have a desk on the porch near a window I can use with a proper comfy office style chair. I also work at the dining room table. And, finally I have a comfy nook on my couch so I can keep extra warm. That way when I feel I’m losing focus, cold, or my mind is drifting then I can change the scenario and still be able to work since there’s a power strip at all the locations. My couch holds my laptop pillow so I can balance it on that.

2. Write out a schedule for yourself. Include what time you will get up, anything you will do before work starts, when you will start work, lunch time, breaks, and when you will end work. Then try to keep that posted where you can see it and set some alarms to go off to remind you to check for the next thing to do. Here’s a sample from one I wrote out recently that I followed for a few days before I needed a new one. I use a Post It Note with lines so I can fit all the tasks one area and I can just stick it to my planner, wall or on my screen. I also set my alarm on my phone to ring when it’s time for the next ‘task.'

a. 6-6:30 AM get up and exercise for 30 min

b. 6:30– 7:00 AM shower, dress and eat breakfast/coffee; I don’t dress for the office, but I do try to get dressed in something comfy. I like to put on my foundation that way I don’t touch my face and if there’s a knock at the door I don’t have to pretend no one’s home. 😊

c. 7:00 – 7:30 AM– Bible reading and prayer

d. 7:30- 8:00 AM – log on, write out daily plan of work tasks; I’ve used my Franklin Covey planner for years.

e. 8:00 - 9 AM – Emails, prep for meetings; I do check email throughout the day but this is where I focus and respond more

f. 9:00 -12 PM – Meetings

g. 12:00 – 1 PM Lunch and walk the dog

h. 1:00: -4:00 – Meetings

i. 4:00-5:00 – Check email; write out tomorrows plan, if different or any reminders I need

j. 5:00- 7 PM – Ride horses

k. 8:00 PM Dinner

l. 9:00-10 Free time

m. 10:00 Bedtime

3. Is the online WFH Tech driving you crazy? If you have trouble using the Tech for your virtual conferences, try to start to connect 5 or so minutes before the meeting to get setup and online. If you work with a funny colleague reach out to them for help since they may have some very good jokes and ways to remember how to get the tech going for those conferences.

This is a pandemic and it’s totally not what you expected at this time of the year in your life, but we will get through this. WFH can increase your time to study some great videos or read some great books. Be extra kind to everyone you run into both virtually and 6 feet away since we are all suffering from the same pandemic but in different ways. Remember that our horses make life better and make us better at life!

Want more saddle success for your horse? Some Dolce Vida? Please email me questions at or check out our website Subscribe because there is so much goodness coming! For upcoming events like us on Facebook at

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