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Equestrian Life – So you want to go to the Olympics?

Every little child starts their sports career with stars in their eyes of the big leagues or even planning to go to the Olympics. Parents see their dear progeny standing on the podium accepting their medals as they shuffle bleary eyed through the grey dawn of another competition lugging all the gear that’s needed. It’s what keeps both parent and child competing – to keep getting better and closer to that 'ultimate' goal. Of course, competition is tough. It also leads to a decision to make it less of a lifestyle commitment and more a passion and hobby alongside a regular life. Did you know the purpose of the Olympic games was much more than sport? And the purpose of the founder of the ‘modern games’ looked at it beyond just the competition.

The important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part. Just as in life, the aim is not to conquer but to struggle well.” Pierre de Coubertin

Challenge yourself as we turn our eyes to Tokyo and watch the games and decide to be an everyday Olympian. How so? How about playing the supreme sport of Kindness? Our society is so broken right now by being against everything and everyone to get a sound bite to grab your attention. Having a different opinion or belief leads to name calling, shaming, trolling, canceling, bullying, and even leading to violence and murder. What if Kindness was an Olympic sport you competed in this weekend? Tomorrow's the qualifying round - be kind to those who you know and like. Would you qualify to go to the games? Would your Olympic debut be tomorrow? Sunday is the actual competition - Be Kind to those who you do not like, agree with or understand. Yes, competition is hard. What medal would you win? Are you on the podium? Are you still in the top 10? Did you almost medal? Have you already quit the sport because it’s too hard to be kind?

How to compete in the Be Kind Olympic Sport this Weekend

  1. Be Kind - Everywhere you go. Everyone’s trying to make it just like you and their life is also a struggle. So Be Kind.

  2. Be Kind - To everyone you meet. Maybe’s it easier to just smile and not say anything and leave out mean, negative, or derogatory comments to everyone in your path this weekend at the stores, online or in person. Be Kind to the earth and the animals.

  3. Be Kind – To everything you touch and handle. We shouldn’t love things over those things that bleed, but things help us out – our car gets us around. Our stoves cook food. Our devices connect us. Be Kind and thankful for what things you do have.

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