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Equestrian Life – I support Simone Biles Olympics

There basically two kinds of people – those in the arena performing and those outside the arena – spectators defined as those who have never done it or tried it a few times and gave up when it got too hard and are just watching and living through someone else. They also like to arm chair quarterback.

It doesn’t matter if you play a pickup game in the local park or a professional. If you step into that arena regularly, then maybe you have the right to judge just a little perhaps, but then you missed the Kindness Olympic Games from my last post please check it out and change your tune. And what happens if you judge another? You just perpetuate judgment. So, let’s table that for now and everyone say together - I SUPPORT SIMONE BILES. I don’t see her saying I’ll qualify and then decide not to compete. She showed up to show out. She’s saying she has anxiety. That her mental game is off. But take it from those of us in the arena what she’s feeling is her stomach is in knots, acid in the back of her throat and her palms sweaty. Her body is refusing to do what her brain is saying and her incredible muscle memory is failing her. Have you ever stood in front of a crowd to deliver a speech and your knees are knocking and you forget your entire speech? Welcome to Simone’s world then. She’s going to jump straight into the air, go upside down, over, and over and her body will not obey. That feels awful. You should climb up a 8 foot ladder and look down. Now just climb down that ladder and put it away. If you’re scared of heights, you need someone to hold your hand to just go up the ladder. What good would it do us to watch her try and break her body? We would then say – why did she try it when she knew she couldn’t? We horse riders know what it’s like to get off a horse we ride every day when our mental game fails us. If your legs or arms are numb from panic and anxiety you cannot steer the horse. The horse can smell your tension. And yep, we can get on another horse and be fine. The mental game is monumental. Here’s how the I support Simone Biles Olympics works:

  1. Share the phrase – I support Simone Biles!

  2. Learn the lesson of this moment - Reach out to your friends and family and ask them how they are doing. And pause and wait for the answer. Let them really answer that question. Let them tell you how they are feeling as they struggle right now.

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