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EH vs GH: Day 1 of the Show

Day 1 Dressage Show

Showing is an art and a large amount of entertainment! So read and enjoy!

Rider (R) – Swings leg over GH. So happy to be showing this talented horse! Humming Just You and I by ER/CG.

GH (Green Horse) – You cannot touch me there, there, or there! Most definitely NOT THERE! I am not going near that, that and ESPECIALLY THAT! Rider realizes GH needs so much more warm up time.

R – Swings leg over EH. Confesses all sins. Might be meeting Jesus face to face today need to prepare my soul.

EH (Experienced Horse) – I realize I am superior. I have forgotten more about dressage then she will ever know but I do feel her leg aids are a warm embrace today. Starts humming Just You and I by Eddie Rabbit/Crystal Gayle.

GH – Absolutely not! You can decide now, do you want to get ejected here, here, or HERE!?! Who put those little humans there? Rider scratches GH test and goes back to barn. GH humming We’re Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister.

EH – Rider and EH humming Just you and I by ER/CG in 2-part harmony. Rider goes early. All four feet are on the ground the entire warm up.

GH – I want my horse show special mash RIGHT NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW!!!!

EH – So, apart from that small butterfly batting its wings in Bolivia near that ONE LETTER where the previous scene of the attack occurred, I left the Rider in place. I am so fulfilled.

SP (Spectators) – Did you see that R who couldn’t make their horse go forward? Or straight or whatever? Needs to learn to ride. If I had a horse that pretty, I would of course bring it to the show with training. Did you see that rider doing the passage and piaffe? Whoa that was lofty and cadenced, eh? Maybe she should teach that other rider how to ride.

Friends – Wow that was a crazy good warm up and test on the EH. The GH, well that was different. Also, what’s wrong with her thumbs? How did she get them caught in the reins and now they don’t work? Anyone got an ice pack?

Rider – goes back to barn in tears of joy over EH and confusion over GH.

And the morning and the evening of the First Day of the Show ends and it’s strange so very, very strange.

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