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EH vs. GH: A short dressage show saga

Rider(R) – Let’s go to a show. I will take the GH (Green Horse) and the EH (Experienced Horse). By myself. Because R is totally insane but has a friend called Redbull. Also has friends from @Cornerstone Equestrian who can help. Because they know I am horse crazy. Or just plain crazy. Anywhoo…

R – Starts Prayer vigil for EH. He can be persnickety at shows. So excited to take GH – he’s been soooo good and willing and easy to ride. Rider starts humming Just You and I by Eddie Rabbit and Crystal Gayle. GH joins in….

R – R documents every moment, every hair falling off, every ear twitch on GH to prepare for show.

Experienced Horse (EH)Rider offers treats. Many many treats. Genuflects impulsively. Makes brief eye contact.

Green Horse (GH) – Oh yea! We’re going to a show! Does it include food?

EH - Stop talking to me. I’ve been there done that. It disturbs my inner connection to butterflies.

GH – I’m getting better every day! My Rider says so!

EH – I’m finding ways to make my Rider feel less competent every day. My Rider says so. I am so fulfilled.

R – Trailers to show - slow and steady. Let's not discuss the new trailer and truck tires. Warm up day! Lights prayer candle for EH. Spends a few minutes on GH’s scratchy spots.

GH - Oh look at all the cool things! I rode in this big arena, and it came it with its own lawn mower entertainment.

EH - Lawn mowers eat horses. RUN!

GH – Did you see that Gate? I spooked at it but then I realized I’m bigger. Ha ha! R says it’s just a phase.

EH – I can barely tolerate the gate. It will get worse. There will be a fenced in arena. With all those letters.

GH –Look at the fun arena we are in with cones and letters and there are so many horses! GH Starts humming Just you and I by ER/CG.

EH – I am NOT going near that letter or that letter and most definitely NOT THAT Letter!

GH – I am having so much fun and doing so well my Rider says so! EH – Rider keeps giving me peppermints. She’s forgotten I get my extra special mash with beer, (must be German and imported) fresh carrots and apples at shows. I spit out the peppermint.

R- Well I think I’ll have a good ride tomorrow at least on GH! Starts humming Just You and I by ER/CG. GH joins in. Rider sighs contentedly and lights more prayer candles for EH.

SP - (Spectators) – not present…..just friends around who agree with the assessment and slowly exhale as R dismounts EH.

And the morning and the evening of the Warmup Day ends. It’s as expected. It went a little better with the EH and good with the GH. Can’t wait until show tomorrow!

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