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BLM - Where would you finish?

First watch the video link below and let it sink in.

I have found I am a simple human being that is interesting and boring, unique and very much the same as other humans. I have some great strengths - for example I love horses. I love all the colors they come in, but I have my favorites – a black or bay – just scrape off the dirt around the saddle and hop on. I avoid greys - full time cleaning job occasional riding. And I have some weaknesses I wish I didn’t have – like chestnuts – boy do they have sensitive skin. Sometimes I see so many weaknesses in me it’s amazing I get anything accomplished but having a weakness makes me Me. It also gives me a large amount of self - entertainment.

What I’ve also learned is that everyone else is on their journey to find themselves as well. But that’s where we need some major change. We need as humans to stop messing with someone’s journey because of how we see them. Are you still on your journey of finding yourself? And most importantly in your journey have you figured out at all that we all deserve a chance to move along on our journey without interference based on a skin color or an accent. Everyone is just as deserving of finishing their journey as I am. Just that – word - deserving. Each of us is deserving of respect, caring, a helping hand, a kind word and opportunities. Imago dei – in the image of God without respect of persons. That’s how to treat each other.

Here’s how I answer the questions in the video, and I ask you how would you answer?

  • I am a child of divorce. In fact, multiple divorces.

  • My father was not in the home.

  • I had a private education in a small elementary and high school. .

  • I went to college.

  • I didn’t get tutored – I did hang out in the math lab to the point of stalking at college.

  • I’ve helped my family with their bills.

  • I had to pay for of college - 10 year college repayment plan!

  • I wondered a lot about where my next meal would come from growing up but we always had food.

And yet I was still better off then so many even if I knew it was growing up 'poor.' It's harder off for those who grew up black and poor. Or grew up in a 3rd world country and poor. I saw a naked 2 or 3 year old child eating garbage from my air-conditioned tour bus when in Brazil once. Let that sink in. My stomach tightens every time that flashes before my eyes and it was barely a few seconds.

So, what you say. THFPT! So what next is what you should say. How about this – hand a $100 bill to someone who is in that group in the video who didn’t get the extra leg up you got and is way in the back of that line and tell them you bet $100 on them that they can get to where they’re going. It might pinch. It might mean you have to stay in for the weekend. Wait, we’re already doing less going out than before so maybe this is a good incentive. But your act of courage and kindness might keep them pushing on in their journey. I dare you more to make a move. Do a good thing and reach out to another human being – someone who does not look like you at all. Because they are hurting. One small act of hope can help.

5 minute video that easily displays how privilege works in our culture:

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