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Two Minute Training Tips – Even Steven

Time to focus on evenness in the rein contact. This is a tough exercise because it’s simple in concept but difficult to do. First warm up regularly. Now focus on the reins being even in both hands. That’s it. I’m serious. That’s all you need to do. When the horse gets light in one rein – touch with the leg, cluck or touch with the whip behind the leg and let the energy from behind fill up the rein. If the horse gets too heavy on one rein, shorten the strides by posting slower and/or more quick / insistent half halts while maintaining active behind

until it lightens the horse up. Or use some bending exercises and then go right back to even weight reins. Once you can go around the arena in all three gaits with even reins you will be mentally tired, and your horse will be incredibly connected. This is something you want to add to your warm up daily and then get serious and try it as you go into different lateral work. It will amaze you how much easier the lateral work will be once the horse is even in the reins. Just one question - who's Steven?

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