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Saddle Success - On Monday's My Watch Runs Funny

I like Mondays! Did I just hear you groan? It’s OK. Sure, it’s the start of a busy crazy week after a too short weekend. But what’s fun about it is my watch is off. No really – the time passes like normal I guess but I feel like it whips by. IT’s almost refreshing to be in an several hour-long meetings that only seem to take about half. Usually I can tell you down to the minute how much time has passed in a meeting. When I rider my horses though I have to set a timer, or I would work them way too much because my sense of time is gone. I’m so lost in what I’m doing that for their sake I set a timer to keep me from overriding. What about you – when you ride do you just lose all sense of time? What is it about riding our horse that just gives us that feeling outside of time? I always feel like I don’t get as much done on a Monday, but it sure seems like day overall runs faster except for riding. And, for me that’s OK because I get to the horses faster and then to bed to catch up on all the sleep, I probably missed trying to have too much fun on the weekends. What about you? Does your sense of time get a little warped after the weekend? Does the day fly by or does it drag? Does time just stop for you when your riding?

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