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Saddle Success - Ease of Movement

I sometimes want my life to be easy. You know like they mythical 1% wealthy who can have all those labors we don’t want to do be done for us by someone else. But living in the other 99% means the doing has to be me. I find myself running around trying to push myself to get things done quicker, faster, more efficiently. I’ve been thinking about why? Does it really matter if I chomp my sandwich down in 4 min to be able to get to my walk on lunch? Why not take a few more minutes and chew and enjoy? What about thinking through this presentation several times and seeing where I can tweak it, make it shine, ask and answer the questions for the upcoming audience? Why not be thankful for the task? That’s a big focus for me this year. It’s my word of the year. It’s an interesting challenge. So now I’m asking myself f- why am I hurrying at this task? What if I take a breath and release the tension and work through it with ease? What’s interesting is I like how I feel as I do the task and when I complete it. As a barn owner, office worker and business owner I have a lot of tasks. But unless I’m trying to get to the lake, I’ve been asking myself with each task – why not do this with ease? Why not relax into the task and let it happen? It’s interesting how the tasks seem to be flowing smoother. How they even have a level of enjoyment and satisfaction. And, when I am talking with people I can listen and hear them. Try it yourself this weekend. Stop when you start to rush and get tense and panicky. Ask yourself why are you being that way? Just take a breath and try do the task with ease. This might change your entire weekend for the better. Let me know how it goes by commenting below.

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