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Saddle Success – Life between the Half Halts

Probably the best riding you will ever do is when your riding from half halt to half halt. What’s a half halt? To the horse it’s a re-balancing of their body. A brief pause or hesitation to make things better, more pronounced or softer. For the horse it’s an alert that something’s going to happen. Our lives are so warp speed that we need to start living half halt to half halt. Well, maybe it’s just me. I’ve come to realize that what I want in life and what I got in life right now is crazy backwards and upside down. What’s funnier is I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time and money to try to get it to living between one balancing thing to another. And somehow, I’ve just got myself running more. It’s laughable. Well, until I tell you that TATT (Tired All the Time) is just sucking the joy out of me. I think I’m aging decades in days but not getting any smarter or any wisdom that comes with age. Here’s a example, my calendar has something on it from 6 AM until 8 PM almost every single day. I’m not the president of anything so what in the world am I doing? Here’s the truth – I read a horse woman's FB post once that she sat down for 5 minutes and realized it would not kill her. What is it about us horse people that think we must outrun our horses? Are you trying to outrun your horse? Do you feel as tired as I do? What should we do about?

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