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Two Minute Training Tips - FEEL

I was listening to another podcaster Brandon Turner on a different topic and he is using the acronym FEEL to help him maximize his life. I was totally blown away how it can apply to our Riding!

So here goes:

F = Focus

E = Educate

E= Execute

L = Learn

So, first Focus on what you want in this ride with your horse. Focus on being the best rider you can be with what you know now, the skills you have and the horse you have. Then Educate yourself by studying and hanging out with with the masters you want to become - their videos, clinics, podcasts, or lessons. Execute - take the master’s input and incorporate it into your riding. This is the big one - we are all guilty of know what to do but doing it....well, now's the time to become a horse rider 'doer'. Don't worry if it's not perfectly right. It will become more right or more correct as your practice it. Learn - keep learning from our learning! If you used to much hand in a transition, then find a way to use less. If your leg didn't get a response, give a kick and then go back to a softer aid. This ride all you are going to do is FEEL your way through the ride. Does it feel right? Is the horse relaxed and happy? Then be happy you got this. If it doesn't feel right - evaluate it or share with a Master who can help you evaluate it.

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