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Saddle Success - For Her Horse

Let’s just accept it – horse riders are a special breed of human. What we do with our horses would turn the average person green. Don’t believe me? Discuss cleaning a sheath. Or, jump a coffin. Yes, I said coffin. Or roping a calf with a horse with cow sense. That’ll make someone’s head swim for sure – horses with cow sense? We E gene types (that means equestrians) find strange fun in a very hard sport that takes a lot of our time, money, effort and sometimes our very soul. There’s always dirt, sweat, sometimes blood and always and I do mean always - manure. Lots of manure. But it also rewards us in ways we could never imagine. Here’s a rider I know that had a troubled marriage. Her husband was domineering and overbearing. Dismissing her ideas, emotions and promotions at work because she was a woman. Celebrating his successes but ignoring hers. At the office she was a lion of a worker – skilled, respected, and valued. At home she was a mouse. On her horse, a thin woman became a giant and for her horse she learned to make quick decisions and use her reflexes to make him dance and jump. For her horse, she went to the gym and got stronger physically, more limber and better conditioned. For her horse, she learned to prepare her mindset to be a winner, his caring leader and a better rider. For her horse. One day, for her horse, she left her abusive husband and became a giant of a woman in every area of her life including her relationships. For her horse. Horse riders are a special breed of human. We will do whatever it takes to become a better rider and for our horse we find that we become our better and truest self. Here’s to you horse riders! For your horse this blog will show you how to reach deep and pull out that E Gene at the barn and everywhere you go. Because, after all, It’s for your horse!

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