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How to be a 20 M Circle Superstar!

Did you know that riding horses by some is considered hard? In fact, a lot of RIDERS think riding is hard. I talk to riders all the time and they tell me that riding is SO HARD sometimes. I used to think the same. I was convinced I would never get beyond a 20 M circle. And then a funny thing happened – someone asked me how best to ride a 20 M circle. I had to explain it. Out load and with words. I had to go over it several times. I put out cones. I walked with the horse and rider. I talked about if your outside leg and hand are not doing anything the horse will go wide. I said that if the inside leg and hand are not doing anything the horse can fall in. And, both things can and do occur on the same circle! I counted the horses front leg steps for each quarter of the circle until they were equal and then made the rider do it. Suddenly, I was solving my own problems with the circle by explaining it to someone else. I talked about the eyes looking around the circle to the next quarter of the circle so the head, shoulders and body would follow. In short:

  1. The horse goes where my body goes

  2. I change my body and that changes the horse

  3. Simple fixes equal incredible changes

On my next ride I heard my voice in my head making the same corrections to me! I started riding better circles. I became super aware of both my legs and both my hands. I got on another horse and guess what? It worked! That horse felt my body parts moving them around the circle. Sometimes it was easy and light touches and sometimes I was pretty sure my inside leg was going to fall off. Honestly, it didn’t matter. I had improved my circles. I also began writing down in my training plan each day what body part or aid I was most aware of or proud of how well it worked that day. Want to improve your riding edge and edge in life in general? Then you need 3 things –

  1. A Plan – what WILL I do today with my horse?

  2. A Ride – What DID I do today that worked better with my horse?

  3. A Super star – Who’s the super star in my mind helping me get better?

I had ‘talked’ myself into riding better circles. You can do it too! Try it out – no one will laugh. We all talk to our horses. Tell me how it goes and let me know if you need some help with putting together a great plan.

Stay tuned for next week’s Two-minute Training Tip! If you need help building a training plan you can always comment below or email me at Check out our YouTube channel and for upcoming events. We have a stall opening – get it while it’s hot! ! Like us on Facebook at

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