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Two Minute Training Tips - Do You Have the Right Horse?

Did you know that riding horses by some is considered hard? In fact, a lot of RIDERS think riding is hard. I talk to riders all the time and when they ask me what I do they say – oh, I could never do THAT. That always makes me think about how great riding is because there are different types horses and different types of riding styles for different types of people. Like to go fast and see your life flash before your eyes – then I can think of OTTBs, barrel racing and polo. Like to dance, patterns and the illusion of control then try dressage. Like to use a horse to work then be a ranch hand and round up cattle. Like the feeling of flying then jump! Do you love the forest then trail ride or try endurance just don’t blame me if your backside revolts after 25 miles! Do you like archery – try it on horseback. Riding is so diverse it can be overwhelming in a good way. For those who love horses riding gets us closer to three things:

  1. A horse’s nobility

  2. An unforgettable experience

  3. Our true selves

Every ride though needs to have some sort of purpose to it or it can just be aimless. Horses need a leader and need to understand ‘the plan’ even if they cannot read it. They will follow and be your noble friend or they will lead, and you have to keep up with them. Having a plan gives you that soft and subtle edge with your horse in everything else you do. Want to improve your riding edge and edge in life in general? Then you need 3 things –

  1. A Plan – what will I do today with my horse?

  2. A Ride – A great horse is a dear friend in the making

  3. A Super hero – a lesson in your ‘inner game’

You need the right horse for the job! Its not easy with all you can pick from and you may have to go through several horses to find ‘the one’ but it’s certainly worth it. Sometime that one is a lease from a friend at your next level or riding. Or it’s a purchase of a young horse to turn into your companion that shines like a diamond. Things to know and look for in your special horse. You should know your personality and the type of horse that works best with you. You need to look at your body type and the body type of horse that works for you. You should be able to clearly explain a phobia about riding and how you want your horse to NOT trigger it every ride. You should be able to say where your riding level is now and where this horse can take you now and tomorrow, so you qualify how much adventure you want daily. Do an assessment today as you ride – ask yourself these questions and talk with your horse honestly about the answers. We all talk to our horses, so you won’t look silly. A good look at your partnership helps determine what your next steps are going to be with your equine friend. 😊

Stay tuned for next week’s Two-minute Training Tip! If you need help building a training plan you can always comment below or email me at Check out our YouTube channel and for upcoming events. We have client and stall openings – get it while it’s hot! ! Like us on Facebook at!

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