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Two Minute Training Tips - Attack of the Pot Belly Pigs!

Did you know that riding horses by some is considered hard? In fact, a lot of folks when I ask them if they have ever ridden a horse have the most surprising answer – yes. One Time. They rode and they fell off and they didn’t get back on. I suppose for those of us who ride regularly, fall off, and still get back on we are an utter mystery to them. Sure, we got hurt, got our egos bruised and our confidence shaken but we still wanted to ride. For us riders there are three easy steps to riding:

  1. Show up

  2. Ride

  3. Celebrate

You just did the one thing most people do only once and then give up. And that can give you an edge in everything else you do. Want to improve your riding edge and edge in life in general? Then you need 3 things –

  1. A Plan

  2. A Ride

  3. A Super hero.

Your riding plan should have your rides mapped out for the next week or so. A list of things to do should always be on your agenda when you put your foot in the stirrup. And, a good plan always has the backup plan or the ‘oh crap’ plan as I call it since the minute you and the horse step into the riding arena a whole host of things can change that plan. You first ride the plan and check your progress mentally against it. You then decide if it’s going well and how to get a little more out of yourself ad your horse in that ride. You can also go to the oh crap plan when things fall apart. I’ve had exercises just not work at all. I’ve also had 8 baby miniature fat belly pigs run across the arena and my plan just went to heck. I spent the rest of my riding time just getting my mare back to listening and passing that ‘attack of the pigs’ area' without shying, spooking and spinning. If you need help getting your Edge on keep an eye out – a webinar is coming! Share this with your friends – especially those who love horses and pot belly pigs! 😊

Stay tuned for next week’s Two-minute Training Tip! If you need help building a training plan you can always comment below or email me at Check out our YouTube channel and for upcoming events. We have a stall opening – get it while it’s hot! ! Like us on Facebook at!

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