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Two Minute Training Tips – Harmony & Fly Spray

Riding is about partnership. Partnership is about harmony with your horse. There’s lots of way to build harmony with your horse even your very own fly spray or similar product of choice. First, while you’re grooming rub your hands over each of your horse’s body parts and see if there are any bumps you may not be covering with fly spray. Take some time to address those with your fly spray, a roll on or something stickier. I keep an extra bottle of fly spray near my mounting block just in case I missed some spots or the group of insects out in the riding area is not as impressed with the fly spray I’ve already put on. I also like to put some fly spray on my hands – with or without gloves – and rub my hands over my horses head, ears and cheeks and under their chin. It serves a few purposes – I get in a few scratches to build good will with my horse and the horses ears get less sensitive and accept touch better. Horses have to accept your hand reaching up to their face and ears. But it helps if you move your hands slowly so as not to startle them. The gentle rubbing is a very loving touch and my horses over time begin to seek this moment by putting their heads down when I squirt my hands with the fly spray. I like the way it makes me smile when my horse looks at me with those big eyes and acknowledges me. I feel that showing this bit of love for my horse starts the exercise session in a loving and kind manner. I feel my horses are happier and more willing to work and we start with a little harmonious connection from the touching. Give it a try and after some time when your horse gets used to you putting the fly spray on this way on their face maybe your horse will make you smile too!

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