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Lady a little weak

Poor sweet Lady was feeling not so great last week! It could be the cold and days of rain causing her to be inside bored in her stall rather than outside eating hay at the hay bale or grazing on the winter grass. Maybe she misses nuzzling my sweet Tony over the fence. Or, and this thought came to me afterwards really maybe she was experiencing a real heat since when horses are deprived they tend ot shut down their reproductive cycles. Either way, it was just the weirdest feeling. Every time I rode her she felt like she was about to fall down if we did more than walk. And of course, I have to remember her feet need some time develop the correct angles. It’s a lot of pressure on me to keep her best interest in mind and be patient with just a lot of walking.

So, I did just that – walk and a lot of it!. When we did trot, especially to the right she lost her balance and raced around until I could get her back to the walk. The canter right was not working either. So, we walked a lot last week. We did lots of suppling at the walk – serpentines, baby shoulder in/out, some travers and spiraling in and out. But beyond the walk she was totally unbalanced to the point I thought she was going to fall down. So, in the interest of her safety and development I didn’t push her. I just kept on walking. The good news is the week after it seemed to really pay off. She has a trot and some balance in the canter both directions. And she remembers she has to move off my leg especially the right leg and not straighten out or bend her completely left. She still tries to correct my desire to go right.

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