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People who are horse crazy and crazy horse people and when you know you just crossed THAT line.

I was working at home on not one of my normal telecommute day because I had to start meetings at 4 AM with my colleagues across the pond. I was more than a little disoriented and found myself constantly walking around the house looking for a pen, my phone, or myself. I looked out the window to find one of my boarder’s mares calmly making a snack of the fence. I stomped my foot while still inside and she looked up and straight at me and continued chewing. I ran outside and yelled Stop! Stop it now!. She continued to chew and in fact took a whole other chunk of fence. So I ran up to her. She continued to chew. Hmph. Mares.

I ran back inside the house grabbed a glass of water ran out and threw it at her. Some of it hit her and some of it hit the fence and back splashed me in the face. Did I mention it was really cold water? I hopped and yelped when it hit me in the face and she trotted away and began eating grass. Quite satisfied with myself I went back inside and started to work.

I noticed I hadn’t heard my phone beep in awhile. I got up and did a quick sweep of the house and didn’t find it. I finally recalled I went out lunch and needed to check the truck. Sure enough it was there and decided to see what might be happening with the fence chewer. I see that same mare all wet in front on a cool overcast day. Holy cat! I ran in the house threw on my husband’s galoshes and ran to the fence and brought them both to the barn. I put her in the cross ties as I put the other horse in her stall. I stood there and starred at the mare. She stared back at me. I was waiting for signs of the dreaded colic. Why else would she be sweating on a cool day?

Cell phone ready to dial the vet and I was checking my banamine supply when I thought Wait. It actually looked as if someone had thrown water at her. She wasn’t sweating. She was wet because I threw the water at her to distract her from being a little beaver. And, now I had positively re-enforced her behavior with bringing her into the barn. There are those that are crazy about horses and those who are crazy horse people. And then there’s those that just crossed over that line. Did I mention I’d been up since 4 AM?

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