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Horse & Rider Fitness

We ride because it’s our joy, our purpose our highest self. But its winter and it’s freezing and my highest self prefers warm weather and nothing frozen or snow covered! If you’re longing for spring and living in the south and wondering what happened to being able to go outside in the winter and still enjoy the outdoors sans snow, blustering wind or frozen arenas you are probably going stir crazy. I know I am!

One of my favorite ways to work around something unpleasant is to focus on something that is going to be benefiting me. And sometimes, ok a lot of times, comradery and accountability would make doing that one thing or those things that help me get through the bad weather and still ride and focus on my fitness.

As they say, misery loves company and I’m miserable when I cannot feel my toes, noes or fingers despite the heavy winter gear. So I’m inviting you to a 6 week fun program to focus on your horse and rider fitness.

We’re going to get together once a week online and talk about how to plan get the most out of our rides despite the weather challenges and focus our fitness routines so they directly impact our body parts that influence our horses’ parts. Then when spring hits and it’s time to peel off the layers our horses can admire our strengthened core and flexible backs. We might even get a few glances from the humans too!

So email and tell me you’re in to improve your horse and rider fitness! I’ll email you the details so you can be ready! Looking forward to being part of your horse and rider fitness journey because it’s all about enjoying the ride!

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