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Raining on the Lady

This week it rained and guess who started to get a little tiny cute hay belly after three days of eating in her stall? Miss Lady that’s who! She’s even got a cute fat layer near her shoulder. The vet gave her a clear go ahead to start working under sadly and strengthen her back up. The first few days after the monsoon I just lunged her in the tack. She still takes about a half circle to the right and stops to let me know we’re going in the wrong direction. She will even turn around to the left to let me know she knows going left is always right. She doesn’t look half bad under saddle and generally goes fine to the left with some protesting crow hops to the right. I can’t blame her. My dressage saddle probably weighs a ton vs those ligher than air racing saddles. She seemed to settle into it though so I decided to take the plunge and get on. I stood her at the fence, walked up the mounting block and got on. We walked around the whole arena for about 20 min on our first go around practicing some halts. She would naturally extend her stride when we went left and walked a little slower to the right. All in all not a bad first voyage!

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