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Lady: Second voyage

Why take it so slow with Lady?

Well, there’s a few reasons. Lady was retired from racing. She has a mysterious scar on her right haunch that no one mentioned when they were looking for a home for her and is probably the reason she was retired from racing. Then she was shipped off to a farm and ended up being starved nearly to death. She hasn’t had regular vet and farrier care and although the vet says she is ready to go under saddle it’s all different for her.

So, my plan is to introduce her to different tack and rider weight. Let’s face it – I’m not jockey weight and I have no plan to be no matter how many times I watch Seabiscuit. And her feet need some care and shaping and if I want to see if I can keep her barefoot then I have to be cognizant that she may get foot sore as she get’s used to a rider and tack. I introduced her to the lunge equipment and we walked around the arena with it on. She likes to go left much easier than right. She tries to turn back left and gives me this look as if to say – um you must be new since you’re going the wrong direction. And then I mounted up and did some more walking and trotting on her second voyage.

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