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Lady's Get Acquainted Week

We – my barn team and I - focused on Lady’s basic horse needs. Daily grooming and treating the rain rot. Not so much fun. Daily turn out and fly spray. Regular grain and hay and I put apples in her feed trough since she wouldn’t eat them at first from my hand. She was quick to eat the second apple slices I offered her. Very much fun for her. I made her vet appointment to have her teeth done and a checkup so our vet could meet our new addition. I scheduled her feet to be trimmed. And we started hand walking her in the field and over cavalletti. I introduced her to the lunge equipment and we did some walking and trotting in the arena. There was no pressure. Just a get acquainted period for all of us at the barn and her attitudes and quirks. So far, she was pretty quiet and reserved. She would whinny now and again a high pitched call as if searching for someone. I hoped we were going to be enough to fulfill that heart felt whinny

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