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The Lady Arrives

The first text said a thin pretty black mare was available. I said no. Then the second text came and said the mare’s story was sad. Again I said no. The third text came with pictures. And she just looked pitiful. The look on her face said, I’ve done everything I’ve been asked so why have I been mistreated and now homeless? There was room on the trailer for one more. I said, OK, if she vets with clean x-rays, I will take her. She retired from the racetrack and ended up in a bad situation. Too skinny and full of rain rot she walked off the trailer weary and wary and still wanted to walk around and take a look at the new barn she was at. I felt nervous kinda like for a first date. I showed her around the barn and into the arena and then I showed her to her stall. She entered but immediately started pacing anxiously. So I took her out and put in in the wash stall and groomed her, picked her feet and then gave her a warm bath. A little more relaxed she entered her stall and we started the anxious checking of water buckets for drinking and shavings for a pile of manure. It took about 3 hours before she settled in to drink and go. By then her coat was totally dry and was kitten soft to the touch.

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